About Us

Grand CanyonH.W. Johnson Concrete Construction is and has been a family owned business and leader in the industry since 1968. Over the years, we have molded our company in such a way, that makes us different than most. HWJ executes 98-100% of all jobs awarded with in-house employees. We also own all of the equipment we use in the field and have teams who have worked for HWJ for 20+ years.

Relationships are key to HWJ and over the company’s existence, we have built amazing relationships with our clients. Our clients range from the federal/state/city levels on down to some of the most widely respected General Contractors, here in the state and throughout the US. Quality, experience and attention to detail have been mainstays of this company since inception.

HWJ is based out of Phoenix, AZ and is registered with the Arizona Registrar of Contractors. We hold our Type A & L-9 license (ROC244929). We also hold our USDOT license (1763123).